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Title: At All Costs
For: eisoj5
Rating: PG13 for mentions of drug use
Word Count: 596
Pairing: Simone, Peter, mentions of Isaac
Summary: She deserved somebody better.
Spoilers: Episode 1?
Author's Notes: I don't usually write Simone, but I wanted to give it a shot. It stinks when you don't get a fic written for you in an exchange. I know, I've been on the non receiving end many times. I hope you enjoy this. I loved writing it for you:)
Disclaimer: Heroes is not mine. But if it was, that would be sooooo awesome:)

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[heroes] molesting teh hair

Author's revealed!

Again, sorry this is kinda late in the day. My dog's got congestive heart failure and needed me with her at the vet more then I needed to be on LJ and I kinda spaced this whole thing.

Anyway, here's the big reveal. If there are any mistakes, I'm sorry. Like I said, it's been a long day.

gargyloveswolfy wrote A Valentines Day worth remembering for lexicon

irisbleu wrote Nanshoku for mosca

jessieflower wrote Destiny for nikkinor

talk_back wrote Effects for iz_factor

milolover wrote Rained Out for slynn6776

mosca wrote Traces for irisbleu

eisoj5 wrote Master of Pieces for nymphadoraklutz

iz_factor wrote Don't Fear the Reaper for talk_back

literarylemming wrote The City Breathes for losertini

hebrew_hernia wrote like a drifter takes a friend for bashipforever

losertini wrote Another Stakeout for comeon_eileen

nessataleweaver wrote Schrondinger's Cat for literarylemming

lexicon wrote Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn) for sourcefic

marcal_92 wrote Destiny for frazzledog

bashipforever wrote Guilt Free V-day for milolover

slynn6776 wrote Misunderstood for this_quiet

comeon_eileen wrote On the Edge of Something Deep for gargyloveswolfy

this_quiet wrote Knight In Shining for hebrew_hernia

justa_paperbag (a pinch hit hero!) wrote Waywardly Skyward for marcal_92

marcal_92 wrote At All Costs for eisoj5

There are a couple people still without fics and I am so sorry for that guys. I promise you'll get yours really soon.
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Nearing the end of the line

Firstly; I want to apologize for the late posting of all the fics. First it snowed today (thank you Coloradan weather, you're turning out be a right peach this year) which made getting home and thus to my computer rather difficult and then, LJ and my PC got together and conspired to not let me update anything which ended up with me having a headache and on the family laptop which is eight million years old and slower then the glacier forming outside my window.

Secondly; Eighteen fics were posted today but we had twenty two people sign up and as anyone who can do simple math can tell you, those two numbers do not equal, which means that we are in need of a pinch hitter or two (or four) again. There are a couple of extensions out right now and I assume that I'll hear from those people soon (or I'll start my modly harassing which I am so good at) but that still leaves a few people without fics.

If you could volunteer your services as a pinch hitter, you would be my hero.

Thirdly; I had a lot of fun doing this and there are some really amazing fics here that you guys wrote, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed reading, and basically, I want to thank you guys for being so great and I hope to see you next year for a second go around.

-Melanie sweetbelle07

PS-a master list of fics and authors will be posted on the 19th.
[heroes] called her first

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Title: A Valentines' Day worth remembering!!
Rating: R
For: lexicon
Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes nor any of the
Pairing: Zach/Claire
Subject: Sweetness from Zach to Claire on Valentines'
Spoilers: Genesis through quite possibly 1.15
A/N: It's easier to write and edit (as necessary) when
you do it privately in your own LJ Journal

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[heroes] called her first

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Title: Nanshoku
For: mosca
Pairing: Hiro/Ando
Rating: R, but mildly so.
Notes: The title's translation, for those of you who don't know the cultural reference, will come into play as the story unfolds.
Summary: Wherein unrequited love is a drag, Hiro has exactly a month to panic, and history holds some helpful answers.

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[heroes] called her first

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Title: Rained Out
For: slynn6776
Characters: Mainly Matt and Audrey with some Niki/Jessica, Issac, Claire and Peter
Pairing(s): Matt/Audrey
Rating: PG
Words: 3,326
Spoilers: Every episode up to Distractions.
Summary: Future Fluff - Matt and Audrey have their first date. Happy Valentine’s Day

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