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Title: Guilt Free V-Day
For: milolover
Niki/Nathan AU as of episode 1X7 “Nothing to Hide” Nathan has a special Valentines Day planned.
AN: Thanks to exposed1 for the beta on this. She made it a lot better story.

Nathan glanced at his watch as he held the phone between his shoulder and his ear. “Yeah, I agree completely. Listen, I’ve got to get going but I’ll see you at the Rockfeller’s party next week.”

Just as he said that there was a knock on the hotel room door. Nathan closed the cell phone and crossed the room, flinging open the door. As he had expected it was room service. The uniformed hotel employee wheeled the cart in and began to sit the table in the suite.

“Do you want candlelight, Congressman Petrelli?”

“Yes and if you could bring extra candles, I’d like the entire room lit with them,” Nathan directed. He had just enough time for a shower if he hurried.

When he emerged from the shower the room had been transformed from a place he worked in to a romantic boudoir. The room was fragrant with the scent of flowers. Nothing so trite as red roses, despite the fact that it was Valentines Day. White lilies and candles covered nearly every available surface.

Of course, there were still the inevitable signs of Valentines Day, the Godiva truffles on the nightstand, champagne chilling, gifts in the form of gold and diamonds and a red La Perla chemise waiting in its white gift wrapped box on the bed.

Nathan ran his hand back through his hair and regarded himself in the mirror for a moment. He’d forgone a tie this evening and decided on a pair of black pants, black jacket and a white button down shirt left open at the neck. He’d been looking forward to this for weeks. There was another knock on the door and he knew from the hesitant timbre of it that it was Niki.

They’d been seeing each other quietly, secretly for a while now, ever since she’d asked him for help getting Micah back. It wasn’t very often due to the infrequency of his visits to Las Vegas and it was never enough but it was what they had. He’d take whatever he could of her.

He opened the door and an involuntary smile slipped across his face. She was wearing red. He wasn’t sure if it was in honor of Valentines Day or because the last time they’d seen each other he’d remarked on how much he liked her in red. He hoped it was the latter.

“Hey,” she said with a shrug of her shoulder, her head tilting slightly and dipping downward. Her voice was soft, smoky with just a hint of roughness to it. He loved her voice and had been known to call her voicemail just to hear it.

“You look gorgeous,” Nathan told her as he wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her inside. She also looked guilt free. He didn’t see a life he’d ruined when he looked at her. In fact, he saw a life he’d saved. He’d gotten Micah back for her, he’d given her the money to put him back in a private school and he’d arranged for her a job at a jewelry store that paid enough to keep Micah in school and to keep Niki in her clothes.

“You’re not so bad yourself, Handsome,” she said as Nathan shut the door behind her. He bowed his head, his lips capturing hers in a kiss that was intended to be light. It quickly turned into something more heated. The finite nature of their relationship made everything more explosive. It was part of what was so addictive about his relationship with her. Heidi acted as if every moment spent with him were a curse. Niki regarded them all as a blessing. She didn’t see the politician when she looked at him. She saw a man who had saved her life and her son’s life, a man who was capable of good. She didn’t ask details, she didn’t demand anything of him. She was content with who he was in that room and what he could give her.

It didn’t hurt that the sex was amazing.


He had to leave early in the morning and catch a plane back to New York City. He and Niki had avoided talking about it all night. His bag was packed and waiting next to the door. He’d showered and put on a suit. The only thing left was the hardest part. He had to say goodbye. She was still asleep, sprawled across the bed on her stomach, golden limbs tangled in the sheets. He carefully, gently tucked her hair behind her ears. On a whim he grabbed the notepad off the desk. He scribbled a note on it then laid it on the pillow next to her.

Thanks for a guilt free, beautiful Valentines Day

On his way out, he paid the room up for the rest of the day and ordered a certificate for a day at the hotel spa to be sent up to Niki. His smile lasted all the way back to New York.


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