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Title: A Valentines' Day worth remembering!!
Rating: R
For: lexicon
Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes nor any of the
Pairing: Zach/Claire
Subject: Sweetness from Zach to Claire on Valentines'
Spoilers: Genesis through quite possibly 1.15
A/N: It's easier to write and edit (as necessary) when
you do it privately in your own LJ Journal

Ever since that day when she approached him, the day
he found out about Jackie being killed at Homecoming
(which couldn't be possible, how could he have no
memory of a whole two week period), the first time
since the sixth grade. She's acted really strange,
she was popular at one time and now she's one of the
freaks-like he is. He hears talk about how they voted
her the Homecoming Queen and how he campaigned for
her. Supposedly they have been tight and rumors were
floating about how he and Claire Bennet were an item;
yet for the life of him he can't understand why anyone
would be saying those things. Even weirder is the
receipt he still has for Activating Evolution by
Chandra Suresh, he can't find the book anywhere, of
course he stopped looking when he saw Claire carrying
a copy around. He figured during the time in which he
can no longer remember, he must've gave it to her. He
sees her looking at him with so much hope and
something familiar that he just wishes that he could
remember, but can't.

She sits by him at lunch, something akin to trust
sparkling in her eyes. She'd ask him to film her
doing these extraordinary things, things that are
really really familiar, but for the life of him he
still can't remember. She gets frustrated with the
whole thing. Sometimes he sees the tears pool in her
eyes, about ready to spill over, despite trying to
hide it from him. They re-form their friendship,
memories that are forever lost either have been
replaced with new ones made (due to the importance of
them) anew or some are gratefully forever lost.
Strangest of all, is her instances that her father
never know that she re-placed some memories, that he
pretend just like she's pretending to not to remember
certain things, and her driving need to find her
real biological parents.

She explained to him about the Haitian and what had
happened to him because of her daddy's
interference and how they could no longer trust the
man. It was fine by him, he never really liked the
man anyway-something about Mr. Bennet was just off.
Sure he paid him respect but respect does not
constitute trust. He agreed to be her study buddy for
some chem-lab they had together; as a means of some
sort of cover.

Thanksgiving and the Christmas/New Years Breaks came
and went, but there wasn't one day that Claire didn't
have to see him. She seemed to have this little glint
of fear in her eyes, that she couldn't hide no matter
how hard she tried. He'd try to get her to open up to
him and let him in so he could help her through
whatever it was that she was so afraid of, but she
wouldn't or she couldn't not just yet at least.
Claire never had two-faces again, the real Claire was
always out and in the forefront. He admired her for
her bravery and the way she'd stick up for all the
other freaks at school. Like her indestructibility
made her a leader amongst leaders, because she
inspired so many others to start becoming outstanding
leaders in their own rights. Sure she was no longer a
cheerleader, she gave it up claiming it was no longer
who she was. She was no longer about being a fake, and
the gift she was given was to be used and used
for good.

Valentines' Day was just right around the corner and
Zach wanted to do something special for his best
friend in the entire world. The one he lost to the
cool crowd in the sixth grade to only have her return
to him their junior year. He wanted to show how much
she meant to him and to convey something that she'd
always be able to keep with her to remind her of just
how special she is. Her destiny was nothing
less than just as extraordinary as she is. Claire was
going to save the world one day, he knew that like
knew the sun rises everyday in the east and sat every
night in the west.

The day finally arrived, Claire found a big wooden
shadow box with plexi-glass but she couldn't see what
was enclosed in the box because of a card taped on
top. She took the card off and found a Purple
and a Medal of Honor magnificently
displayed within. Claire opened the card whilst
sitting on the concrete steps of the outdoor pavilion,
she started to read it.

"The Purple Heart is for getting injured while
performing a heroic act. The Medal of Honor is for
performing acts above and beyond the call of

"....and even though there is not enough of
either to go around for all the heroism you've
performed and will perform within your lifetime. I
hope you keep these close to your heart as a means to
remind yourself, that you will always be a hero to
someone." Zach finished reading the card by heart and
memory as he approached her from behind, coming down
the steps.


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