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[heroes] called her first

In need of a pinch hitter!

We've had someone that needed to pull out and because of that, we need someone to pinch hit.

Any help is appreciated. If you think it's something you want to and can do, then please comment here with what you can do (i.e. het, nothing with Jessica) and what you can absolutely NOT do (i.e. slash, Peter). Also, if you could leave an email where we could reach you, that would be great. All comments will be screened and after conferencing with my co-mod, we will (hopefully) get this whole thing worked out.

Don't feel like you have to sign up to be a pinch hitter. If your workload is full right now, then that is perfectly fine.

That said, I hope that everyone's fics are coming along nicely. Just a friendly reminder, all fics are due in twelve days. If you have any problems, please let me know sooner rather then later.


ETA: We've found our pinch hitter. Thank you to everyone who offered. I appreciate it so much.